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Day 2: YoungLiars Summer Actor Training Festival

Hello reader!

The second day of the YoungLiars Summer Actor Training Festival was just as I expected - an exciting expansion of the previous night's discoveries and a continued distillation of ideas and connections (both novel and old).

In the Viewpoints workshop, we continued building on the foundation created in the previous class. We introduced more vocabulary to the work. We maintained a stronger openness to impulse and narrowed the time between impulse and action.

Lucy made a very fascinating point. She asserted that in Viewpoints the concern/objective/onus should not be placed on creating interesting, physical content. It should be on developing an interest in the work, time, space, and ensemble. She stated that by "being interested we are interesting." This resonated very deeply with me. It directly corresponds to basic acting philosophy. The strongest acting comes from a willingness to invest all objectives and obstacles in to the "other." All tactics should be directed to the "other." The relationship cannot be built without an investment in the "other." I will take this piece of wisdom with me forever.

The Suzuki workshop functioned similarly. Chuck did a quick and basic review of the work we covered in the previous class. Then, it was forward momentum from there. We covered several Suzuki walks - each physically demanding, all encompassing Suzuki's concepts of opposing forces. The work is difficult to reflect on mentally, but one thing I can be sure of is that with continued effort, the principals become clearer and clearer.

That's all for this post. Keep tuning in for more updates!



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