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Day 4: YoungLiars Summer Actor Training Festival

Hello reader!

Due to mountains of laundry, responsibility, and a faulty air conditioning system that required my attention, I unfortunately could not attend the third day. So now we jump the fourth.

The fourth day of the YoungLiars Summer Actor Training Festival was the most incredible one yet.

We began with Viewpoints. We expanded our vocabulary of space and time. We participated in new exercises. We are building a stronger ensemble. Human beings are capable of sublime connections. It a matter of days, a consistently inconsistent number of people have developed a deep sense of ensemble and camaraderie through some of the most abstract artistic exploration imaginable. This is the stuff of magic.

Additionally, I am still reeling from our Clown workshop with Jef Awada. Let me explain. We were given two assignments...

- Bring in one hat that makes you feel silly and happy.

- Bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable that you love to eat.

In groups of three, donned in our hats and red noses, we stood in the a line on stage and ate our fruit/vegetable. Through side coaching from Jef, each trio was able to find a game within the exercise, mine humor from action, and create deep, meaningful circumstance. It was inspiring. It was a lesson that I will reflect on for the rest of my career. The exercise showcased successes and shortcomings of all kinds, reimagined familiar acting principals, and opened my eyes to how deeply felt comedy can be felt by audience and artist. I am sure there will be more reflections to come. For now, I digress.



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